Low chemistry thermal CTP

Advanced thermal plate production

Fujifilm’s thermal CTP plate production system combinines the very latest plate and chemistry technologies and processors which incorporate ‘ZAC’ intelligent developer technology. See how this system is able to deliver market leading performance, and exceptional resource savings.

Longer bath life

‘ZAC’ processors incorporate unique Fujifilm developed software to intelligently control the amount of replenisher used in the plate development process. This improvement means that a full bath of developer can now develop up to 15,000m2 of plates resulting in substantial savings in developer consumption and less maintenance of the processor.

  • Lower chemistry use: Material and environmental savings
  • Increased productivity: Labour and energy savings
  • Lower maintenance: Material, labour, environmental and water savings
  • Less chemical waste: Environmental savings

More stable and robust

Superia low chemistry plates incorporate unique multi-layer, multi-function coatings for excellent chemical resistance and stable processing and the ‘ZAC’ control system ensures optimum stability for consistent dot reproduction.

  • No plate remakes: Material, labour and water savings
  • No manual replenishment: Material and labour savings
  • Easier to operate: Labour savings


Only small amount of developer used

‘ZAC’ technology provides intelligent, precision control of the alkaline developer, resulting in less overall consumption. Other systems need alkaline developer and image protection agent which can’t be controlled by pH and conductivity like a ‘ZAC’ system.

  • Lower chemistry use: Material and environmental savings


Cleaner working system

The chemistry used is a non-silicate based recipe. This makes a much longer bath life possible without the increase in developer sludge and filter blockages. As the chemistry contains no alcohol or solvents, this contributes to a better working environment.

  • Easier cleaning: Labour and water savings


Waste reduction unit for low chemistry thermal systems

The XR-1200F system reduces pre-press developer waste and water use for printers using Fujifilm low chemistry thermal plate production systems. It works by separating plate chemistry into ‘concentrated waste’, reducing it by 60 to 70%, and ‘distilled water’ that can then be re-used in the plate production process.

  • Reduced waste: Environmental savings
  • Reduced water consumption: Water savings

Ultra-high quality

Superia low chemistry plates offer 1-99% resolution and are capable of reproducing 10 µm FM screening

High productivity

Processors incorporating ‘ZAC’ technology offer fast processing speeds (15 second dwell time). Low chemistry plates incorporate unique multi-layer, multi-function coatings which enable fast removal of the non-image area.

Example savings with low chemistry thermal products

Savings quoted are in comparison to typical offset production environments and may vary depending on a printer’s specific situation. Calculations are based on an assumption of 20,000 sqm/year plate production.