Low chemistry violet CTP

Superia PRO-V - industry leading chemistry and water use

Fujifilm’s PRO-V violet system combines the latest plate and chemistry technologies, together with a state-of-the-art finishing unit. This results in industry-leading chemistry and water use figures.

No pre-wash or post exposure rinse

As PRO-V does not require a pre-wash or post exposure rinse, mains water is eliminated and water consumption is considerably reduced.

  • No rinse water: Water savings
  • Less processor cleaning: Labour and environmental savings

Stable pH, no chemical replenishment

The unique formulation finishing solution is stable at pH9.8 and alkaline-free. A simple water top up to the developer chemistry is all that is required to keep the system running effectively. As a result, waste production is also considerably reduced.

  • No manual pH control: Material and labour savings
  • Reduced chemistry: Material, labour and environmental savings

Cleaner working system

The chemistry used is a non-silicate based recipe. This makes a much longer bath life possible without the increase in developer sludge and filter blockages. As the chemistry contains no alcohol or solvents, this contributes to a better working environment.

  • Easier cleaning: Labour and water savings

High quality

PRO-V plates deliver 1-99% resolution and are capable of reproducing 20 µm FM screening

High productivity

PRO-V plates have a sensitivity of 0.045-0.09 mJ/cm2 so you can achieve higher productivity from your platesetter

Excellent dot stability

No pH control, no replenishment and no conductivity control results in very stable dot reproduction

Example savings with low chemistry violet products

Savings quoted are in comparison to typical offset production environments and may vary depending on a printer’s specific situation. Calculations are based on an assumption of 20,000 sqm/year plate production.