Resource savings

Resource savings that lead directly to improved profits

Fujifilm Superia is a complete, integrated solution that supports the reduction of resources in five key areas; materials, labour, energy, water and environmental emissions. The system spans the offset print production process with the aim of optimising efficiency, speed and quality. Putting Fujifilm Superia to work for you can deliver substantial and quantifiable resource savings, meaning measurable improvements in business profitability and environmental performance, while guaranteeing the highest quality you would expect from Fujifilm.

Material savings

Paper and ink are by far the most significant consumable costs in offset printing. Superia can help to minimise or reduce the waste associated with these key materials, and so can represent an opportunity to reduce costs. Other materials can also be minimised, including pre-press chemistry and pressroom consumables.

Labour savings

By focusing on the end-to-end process, it is possible to reduce the time taken for certain processes with Superia. Time that is saved can be assigned to other tasks, and shorter processes help enable quicker turnaround times and increase the capacity to handle more jobs optimise labour resources and minimise costs.

Energy savings

There are many ways to reduce energy consumption in the pre-press process, and Superia provides an opportunity to miminise energy usage by, for example, the adoption of Fujifilm’s processless plates.

Environmental savings

Environmental savings go hand in hand with running an efficient business. With Superia, there are opportunities to minimise the discharge of chemical waste and exhaust gases, for instance, which not only helps protect the environment, but can also indirectly reduce costs.

Water savings

Water charges vary depending on the country, but Fujifilm’s Superia solution presents opportunities to reduce water usage, lower costs and reduce associated drainage processing costs.

Real savings with Superia

Here is a selection of products from within Fujifilm’s range of offset solutions, together with the potential resource savings that these products can make.

(Savings quoted are in comparison to typical offset production environments and may vary depending on a printer’s specific situation. Calculations are based on an assumption of 20,000 sqm/year plate production.)