Case Studies

Kyodo Seihan Printing Co., Ltd.

Resource savings as a dependable foundation for our business strategies

Kansai Art Printing Inc.

Development waste liquids have been noticeably reduced. Fujifilm is a very reliable and supportive partner.

Koyosha Inc.

Improvements in eco-friendliness behind SUPERIA installation

Daiichi Printing Co., Ltd.

Visible improvements help to ensure a greater awareness of the importance of quality control

OBA Printing Co.

Successfully absorbed ink price hikes and corrected "bad printing habits" within the company

Fuji Printing Inc.

Working together to achieve resource savings has delivered outstanding results

Kitajima Co., Ltd.

Greater eco-friendliness and a better workplace

CARTONIC Packaging Group (CPG)

CARTONIC Packaging Group boosts productivity and eco credentials with Fujifilm's Superia solution

Duffield Printers

Fujifilm's XMF Workflow and XMF Remote improve customer relationships at Duffield Printers

Howard Hunt

Fujifilm’s Superia solution reduces costs and improves environmental credentials at the Howard Hunt Group

Headley Brothers

Headley Brothers takes Superia approach to success

Buxton Press

Ongoing investment signals faith in Fujifilm Superia solution